"Building dependence on the finished work of Christ while learning to love others for free."

Teleo Ridge Podcast

Number 55 (Things Worth Repeating)

Number 54 (Needful Things, Or Not?)

Number 53 (Insanity)

Number 52 (The Beginning of Wisdom)

Number 51 (I Don't Understand)

Number 50 (Is God for You?)

Number 49 (Possessing the Land that is Our Relationship with Christ)

Number 48 (Cowboys, Balaam and Saving Your Life)

Number 47 (Living in the Moment Even if it Feels Like Hell)

Number 46 (There Remains a Rest II)

Number 45 (There Remains a Rest)

Number 44 (Trial by Fire)

Number 43 (Conversation of Joy)

Number 42 (Feast at the Altar)

Number 41 (Why Are We Here)

Number 40 (Where the Heart Is)

Number 39 (Radical Dependence)

Number 38 (God and Football)

Number 37 (Rivers of Living Water)

Number 36 (Babies, Poop and Col. 3:2)

Number 35 (700 Wives)

Number 34 (Yesterday Today Forever)

Number 33 (The Mountain is on Fire)

Number 32 (Comments and Ramblings)

Number 31 (Concept vs Reality)

Number 30 (Misunderstanding the Cross II)

Number 29 (Misunderstanding the Cross)

Number 28 (Sanctification)

Number 27 (The New Man)

Number 26 (Sin, Self & Savior)

Number 25 (Can You Plan Intimacy)

Number 24 (Screaming at God)

Number 23 (Fear Face to Face)

Number 22 (Inside Out 2)

Number 21 (Inside Out)

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