"Building dependence on the finished work of Christ while learning to love others for free."

Teleo Ridge Podcast

Week 1 (Fullness of the Spirit)

Week 2 (Works of God)

Week 3 (God is in Control)

Week 4 (Gods Goodness)

Week 5 (Gods Provision)

Week 6 (Bride of Christ)

Week 7 (Radical Living)

Week 8 (Fullness of Joy)

Week 9 (Gods Presence in Ministry)

Week 10 (Random Thoughts)

Week 11 (Why do we Love God)

Week 12 (God the Father)

Week 13 (God and Money)

Week 14 (God's Provision and Friends)

Week 15 (Fear)

Number 16 (Enemies of God, Who We were)

Number 17 (The Void)

Number 18 (This is the Work)

Number 19 (Disappointment)

Number 20 (Are You Right With God)

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